Signs play a great role when it comes to informing people about products and services you offer. There are many types of signs available. You will find banners, outdoor signs as well as digital signs which have been designed to portray your message to the audience. Before you decide on a given type of sign as the best for you to use, always assess the return on investment which you will achieve.

Types of signage available

1. ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Compliant Signage

These are signs which have been designed to help those people with some form of disabilities. They help in indicating where people who will need help can easily access it. For example, it will indicate where a person with disability entrance is located as well as where they can access help when trying to access services from your business premise.

2. Directional signs

The direction signs will show you places where you are heading to. They are used to show direction to a given business if the enterprise is hidden behind other buildings.

3. Digital

Examples of digital signs include scoreboards and marquees. They can be designed to display message about services and products which your company offers.

4. Outdoor signs

Outdoor signs are those which are displayed outside your business. They are written with visible words which people can read from a distance.


5. Trade show graphics

If you are trying to market your services and products in a trade show, then the graphics which you will make will play great role in making people know more about your brand.

6. Banners

There are different types of banners which you can use to advertise your services. They include feather banners, teardrop among others.

7. Pylon signs

These are big signs which can be seen from a distance. They are mostly used in gas stations, hotels, restaurants among other areas.

8. Pole signs

These involve just a single sign on a pole which indicate special promotion in a given company

9. Monument signs

The monument signs have low profiles. They can be constructed out of brick, concrete, high density foam or even wood. They are mostly placed at entrances to parking lots or shopping centers.

10. Wall signs

They are typically made on walls to inform customers where they are. They can be illuminated to make them more visible.

11. Blade signs

They are placed at the entrance of a building to draw the attention of people. They make it easy for pedestrians from sidewalks to locate the entrance of a business premise.

12. Awnings

They provide shelter for customers as they enter the building as well as portraying information printed on them.

13. Window graphics

Window graphics can be made to attract the attention of passerby.

14. Sidewalk signs

They are whiteboards which can be written on to draw the attention of the pedestrians.

15. Vehicle graphics

Rolling boards on vehicles play a great role in advertising the business to different locations where the vehicle travels.

The Different types of signage