With the improvement in technology, there has been a lot of change in engraving, even though in other places, the traditional engraving is still being practiced. So, what is engraving? This is a form of art that involves incising the a flat and hard surface by cutting grooves into it. The initial evidence of this practice was done on a chiseled shell about 540,000 and 430, 00 years. The evidence was from places like Indonesia, Trinil and Java, these are the places where the first Homo erectus was found. In the past, engraving was done on ivory and bone.

Just after the beginning of the 1st millennium, the only metal engraving was done on shallow grooves that were found in some jewellery. This was in antiquity. The practice of engraving become modernized period after period since in the first AD, they were now able to practice the glass engraving. This was done by the use of wheel for cutting the decorative figures into the different glass vessels. During these old days, most people in Europe could use the engraving for inscribe metal works and decorations. The hand engraving was the new technique of engraving in the mid-1900s.

The latest common types of engraving that most engravers now practice are the laser engraving and the photo engraving. The laser engraving is very common among the engravers and it is now used in engraving different things for decoration purposes.

Types of products that can be engraved

With the modern technology of engraving, many engravers now use the laser engraving technique to engrave a number of products. Some of the common products that can be engraved include;


Awards– today, so many awards are being engraved in order to add greater value to them. This can be done by engraving the name of the person or company to receive the award.

Trophies – engraving of trophies is a very common practice as every league will provide a trophy to the club or specific winners. The club or individual name is always engraved on the trophy.

Plaques and signs – most of the signs and plaques are brass engraved. Through this, it will take time for the plaque or signs to fade, but remain to last for years.

This is how engraving has been able to move from year to year and now the laser engraving is highly practiced by most engravers. You can always add value to things like awards by engraving them. Trophies, signs and plaques are also engraved to last longer.

How Engraving has Evolved Over the Years