If you want signs for hanging on your door or in the hallway of your house or office, you might want to choose engraved signs. Many offices prefer their signs to be engraved than just plainly printed. Custom signs are often the choice for offices because it looks more professional and is an eye catcher. Most facilities and offices need more than one category of custom signs.

Engraved signs are good for any situation or application. There are many obvious uses of signs which are also evident anywhere you turn your sight into when you are in a hotel or in an office.


Custom Made Signs in Offices

Custom signs that are often used inside an office are those that would give specific commands and directions. You can find custom signs of instructions such as

Please be Silent
This way to the Lavatory
No Smoking
Smoking Area

Those are just a few of the examples of signs that we commonly see in offices. Every time we visit a facility, we always see to it that we read the instructions posted on walls and hallways to make sure that we will not go against it.

Custom made signs in Schools

In schools, signs are very important as it will also serve as instructions for students. We will encounter similar instructions as that of the offices’ commonly used signs. With engraved signs, students are even more aware of the instructions provided in hallways because it is attractive and is easy to see. Some of the commonly engraved signs in schools are:

Don’t leave you things unattended
No loitering

The titles of the teachers in schools are also engraved in most occasions. You will even see engraved office hours in some offices’ glass door. With these signs comes a responsibility for students and teachers.

Engraved signs in Hotels

Hotels are just one of the most common places where engraved signs are very much in use. To allow familiarity to some parts of the building, signs are very important. It will also provide instructions for the guests into which way it is to the lavatory or to the nearest elevator. Many signs can be found along the corridor and corners, say for example:

first floor
third floor
silence please
do not disturb

and many others. You will be able to appreciate the presence of these signs if there will come a time when you will get lost with all the corners and angles of the building. Engraved designs are more attractive and eye catching so you will certainly not miss it.

Engraved signs in Malls

Malls are one of the busiest buildings or establishments in any ordinary day. Instructional engraved signs are just very useful in this kind of place because people just need to look at them to get a hint of where they will be going next. We might not realize the importance of signs in an ordinary busy day, but if we stop for a while and think what will happen if no signs are there inside a mall we would know that without it we would be wasting much of our time and it would cause more stress than relaxation. The usual uses of engraved signs in malls are for:

Instructional uses

We make use of signs every single day and it did a very good job on what it does. Since custom made signs are far more attractive and professional than other types of signs, it’s most commonly a great choice for instructional purposes.

Other Types of Signs

If you are looking for other types of signs on the open marketing you can rely on experts with vast knowledge on sign layout and graphic design skills to go along with in-house production of graphics from printing to sign making. Exhibe Portable is well known for their large format printing and banner graphic production.

There are many other establishments that are making use of engraved signs for different situations and applications.

Engraved Designs in Different Establishments.